Inbound Marketing

What’s  Inbound  Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a newer marketing method that’s focused attracting prospects by providing information and building trust with clients when they are in need of it, primarily using Internet marketing methods.

What’s considered Inbound Marketing?

  • CMS Websites
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Webinars
  • Search Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Premium Content
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Social Media Marketing


You’ll get answers in real-time
We’re talking about things that are important to you right now, because you control the conversation. When a crisis hits, when new technology emerges, when you have an urgent question — we’re talking about it immediately.

You’ll get answers that are off the record
Our strict confidentiality rules mean members share openly, knowing their conversations are completely private. The result is unfiltered, unbiased, straightforward answers — answers you’ll never get from industry publications, conferences, or a consultant’s report.

You’ll get answers from people who have been there and done that
Everyone is an experienced social media leader who knows what you’re going through and wants to help. You won’t find theoretical ideas, just real-world advice from people running a program at a brand like yours.

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Marketing Automation


Marketing automation is a set of technologies that help the marketer manage the customer experience across online channels. The better the customer’s experience, the more likely they are to buy, remain loyal, and become an ardent advocate.

Buyers research websites, reach out in social media, open targeted email, listen in on chats, click interesting ads, attend virtual events, and watch videos, all for the sake of gaining intelligence about challenges and making decisions about solutions. It’s become the marketer’s job to discover the best digital channels in which to find their buyers, optimize those channels, and coordinate them so that the buyer’s experience is consistent, positive, and engaging, no matter the channel.

What the marketer needs now is an integrated multi-channel platform that makes all the many facets of online marketing manageable and optimizable, and tracks and aggregates ongoing cross-channel customer engagement. What’s needed is marketing automation.

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Website Development

Edibbee Digital Agency is a Leading Web Design Company headquartered in Mumbai India.At our Web Designing Company India,We have a team of best Web experts and 7+ years of experience in Web design, Web development, Internet Marketing Industry.business outcomes online.At our Website development company India,we not only build stunning websites based around your business needs and target audience, also provide Online Marketing services to grow your business.Get in touch with us and let edibbee Technologies be your Web Development Company. Experience what other businesses have and get an edge among competitors with a new and improved website courtesy of the excellent developers at Edibbee Digital Agency.

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Lead Generation

Usability is a vital aspect of the success of any website. It’s an essential element of your online strategy that engages visitors and provides them with easy access to the information or tools they are searching for.

Edibbee’s approach to usability is based on our unique application of art and science, combining insight gathered through proven techniques (for example website surveys, usability studies and a deep dive into your website analytics data) with years of web design expertise.

Usability can be measured via simple metrics such as bounce rate, time on site, goal completion and return visits. If your site is suffering from poor performance in these areas, Edibbee can help. From design and development of one-off landing page solutions through to full website delivery, Edibbee has years of experience which we bring to bear in helping you maximise results from the traffic generated by your wider marketing mix.

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Web Analytics & Data Mining

Chances are good you’ve got a data problem. As an analytics company, we recently surveyed the Google Analytics accounts of nearly 150 businesses across industries and found critical errors:

  • Over 30% had outdated or improperly placed tracking code.
  • Over 50% had misattributed or artificially skewed data due to improperly customized tracking code.
  • Nearly 50% were failing to utilize key features (like custom segments & event tracking)
  • Over 30% were not properly tracking marketing campaigns.
  • Over 30% had misused or failed to use settings for data cleanup.

Google Analytics audit & clean-up product that addresses the first two phases of the anayltics pyramid (data integrity & optimization).

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