• The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice
    what we never expected to see.

    John Tukey American Mathematician

  • The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers.
    But above all what the world needs most are dreamers that do.

    –Sarah Ban Breathnach

  • If you torture the data long enough,
    it will confess.

    Ronald Coase Economist

More About

Hi, We are Edibbee. Bunch of people who understand ROI and well in driving ROI from Data Insights. Small changes can make difference.

Our moto Turn Insight into Action

Let's say more about us

Established in 2014, edibbee was founded by a young Indian chap after a long journey of 10 years as a keen observer, learner, analyzer, employee who finally turned in to an employer with a strong feeling of innovation in promotion and marketing techniques in the digital world.

He noticed something curious: people understand that digital presence is important for business but are confused how to build presence in cost effective way? Which are the platforms best fit for their business? How to get desired output (ROI)?

People tried true tactics but it takes long time to realize the best performing platform and strategy.

Edibbee is performance marketing agency which believes in concept of “Work Together, Grow Together”. We help our clients to grow and let their clients also grow simultaneously in a chain by guiding them the most appropriate and efficient path of digital marketing tactics through analytical approach.

We build tailor made strategy from conceptualization till execution with objective of high ROI. We educate our clients periodically through our knowledge base. We get involved in the core concept of business and support them with all digital needs as technical extended arm of organization and start-up.

What We Do

Hi, We are Edibbee. Bunch of people who understand ROI and well in driving ROI from Data Insights. Small changes can make different.


We help clients with best use of digital platform. We monitor quality and quantity of work required to meet goal. We also help internal team to change the task and its priority whenever and wherever required. We monitor implementation of suggested action, TAT and its quality.


We will continuously auditing our digital assets and come up with required correction as per historical understanding or data driven. We may request to implement some audit tool paid/free if required to collect some important data to support our suggestions.


We know that without best digital strategy you cannot target audience more effectively. It is important to note that a digital strategy is not limited to advertising a website alone, and can lead to exponential growth. Our team will set specific goals and keep track of your progress.

Digital Execution

With 10+ years’ experience in Digital Industry our team is well equipped with digital execution with perfection. We relate with clients object and start execute, monitor the campaign on social, search. We also look in sight the campaign and optimize the ROI.

Advance Analytics

Now a day’s data is everything. Through Business Intelligence our data scientists team get deep dive into your data generated by website, CRM, other social tools and give you prospective pattern and behavioral insights to take big decision with minor change in current process.

Intelligence Marketing

Our tech team build-up proprietary tool based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict efficiency of all platform used by digital marketers and suggest client the best and optimum way to execute the campaign in limited budget based on predictive analysis and forecasting technique.

If you have a cool idea and if you like to work with our awesome team, kindly email us. We will get back to you at the earliest!

Our Team

Hi, We are Edibbee. Bunch of people who understand ROI and well in driving ROI from Data Insights. Small changes can make different.

Amit Kashyap

CEO & Director

IIM Bangalore certified Amit Kashyap is also SAS Certified Data Scientist and Data Analyst. While business is a passion for Amit, he loves to create and understand innovations in technology and digital world.

Indu Desai


Indu is the eagle-eyed pilot of our flight who is passionate about perfection in each and every work she does. She loves watching movies and drawing besides singing which is a catalyst for her perfection.

Swapnil Sathe

Senior SEO

Client’s favorite Swapnil is a killer combination of expertise in SEO and Tech. He is adventurous and loves to travel and explore new places.He is adventurous and loves to travel and explore new places.

Karuna Kelkar

Client Servicing

Our drama queen Karuna is fun-loving and party girl, yet responsibly handles client queries and client servicing. She likes to interact with people and understand new ideologies and innovations.

Poonam Katkar

Business Head

Selfie-queen Poonam is determined to client servicing in the most interactive and understanding client’s requirements. She is a big time foodie and loves watching movies and dancing

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